Winchester Consulting Group, LLC

          An experienced and proven government relations, grant writing & public relations firm.

"Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford

We are an engaged and hands-on team of professionals who value integrity, honesty and hard-work. Our "principles only" philosophy means that we provide a straightforward and transparent process of developing and implementing realistic, strategic plans that embrace each client's profile at the national, state and local levels. It also enables us to provide the highest level of government and media relations counseling with the most value for our clients' resources.

What sets Winchester Consulting apart from others? We make ourselves an integral part of your team: our record of collaboration is second to none. And this partner-based approach allows us to genuinely understand each of our client's unique objectives allowing us to craft the most impactful communication and legislative strategies that will advance their public policy and business development agendas. Our comprehensive approach to government affairs, coupled with an individualized strategy, offers clients a distinct perspective and creative counsel.

We adhere to a set of principles that guide all of our efforts: be engaged, be honest and take pride in your work.

By integrating ourselves into the environments that we represent we fully comprehend each of our client's unique objectives - aware of where they have been, where they are and where they want to go.

We dare to think ahead and we believe our clients should too. We strategize communication and legislative plans of action to proactively advocate our clients interests, putting their business one step ahead of the rest.

There are no set of rules of engagement because each situation and each client varies. This is why we utilize our experience and expertise to create tailored approaches for each organization.
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